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A different kind of Weed Dealer
Daytona Beach, Florida – The Marijuana business is growing fast, not unlike the great American gold rush, in fact it’s now known as “The Green Rush”. Many people are going to become wealthy and in today’s business climate, a great website domain name will be essential to their success.
This was not unnoticed by Tim Papadeas who anticipated how quickly legalized marijuana would spread around the world. So a few years ago, he began investing in Marijuana related domain names, all with the most popular “.com” extension. “I knew I wanted to foray into the burgeoning weed business… Selling domain names made sense because everyone that enters this business will need a great name. I bought close to 200 awesome names over the course of a few years and created Many great names have already been claimed, but websites like ours give weed entrepreneurs a second chance to acquire a great Weed Domain”.
Why is a great domain name so important? Attraction, credibility and marketing identity are just a few reasons. A domain name is Your Brand on the internet and a great domain name is a huge contributor to business success. CNBC recently reported that Economists, reformists, law enforcement authorities and the pro-marijuana lobby have come up with a variety of estimates of just how big the Marijuana Industry is. Put them all together and you get a wide range from $10 billion to over $120 billion a year! Such a spread is hardly information to count on but then again, anything within that range is certainly worth tapping into.
Papadeas added “The price you pay for a premium domain name is relative. A domain name reveals so much about your business that it is truly invaluable. Thousands of dollars are spent for domain names because a great name is that important to business success, period”.
If you are planning to create a Marijuana related presence that will really be felt on the internet, grabbing a memorable domain name is a very smart starting point. The right name will open the door to so many opportunities when marketed wisely.